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Gold and shiny wheel cogs UNCSA is a place for creative innovation, and we believe that should extend to how we do business. The Process Improvement Initiative exists to periodically review, evaluate and improve UNCSA’s administrative processes. With a particular focus on business processes housed within Finance and Administration, the Process Improvement Initiative seeks to reduce redundancy, increase efficiency and help employees accomplish their work with minimal frustration.
The Process Improvement Initiative is a reimagining of the Process Improvement Committee. Rather than rely on a large committee, requests will be evaluated for scope and potential impact and receive the attention of a small team best suited to address the needs of all parties.
Consider the following questions to identify room for improvement:

  • Is the existing process too cumbersome?
  • Are there opportunities for streamlining?
  • Is communication clear of what is expected?
  • Is training provided?
  • Does the current process meet our needs?
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    If you have any questions, please reach out to Matt Horvat.

Contact: Matt Horvat

July 16, 2021

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