Nine 2021 films and one "Lost" 2020 UNCSA short film will screen this week in Real to Reel Film Festival

Person punches a boxing bag in a tunnel2021 UNCSA Short Films “Adrift,” “Deepwater Sponger,” “Fishtown,” “Good Boy Cerberus,” “Homecoming,”
“Mundance,” “Shadowboxing,” “Tiger Blanket” and “You Know His Name” along with 2020 film “Stuffed,” will all screen during the Real to Reel Film Festival in King’s Mountain, NC, this week, July 21-24.
Screenings begin nightly at 7 p.m., starting Wednesday, July 21.
KidsFest begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 24, with final festival screening sessions at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday. A “wrap” party and awards ceremony will be held immediately following the final film on Saturday, July 24.
All access passes are $35 in advance and $40 at the door. Day passes are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Kids Fest tickets are $5 any time.

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About the films


“Adrift” is written and directed by Brian Storck; produced by Andrew Kucmierz; with cinematography by Lam Huynh; production design by Shelby Grzech; editing by Nigel Scott; sound design by Olivia Moore and Scott; visual effects supervision by Sarah Loveland; music by William Church; costume design by Andrew J. Senn; hair and makeup design by Camryn Maiorana.

“Deepwater Sponger”

“Deepwater Sponger” is written and directed by Connor Ryan; produced by Dillon Dipietro; cinematography by Katie Mlinek; production design by Emily Kuhlmann; editing by Jack Hansen; sound design by Nigel Scott and Olivia Moore; visual effects supervision by Mark Jabourian; special effects supervision by Lucas Sanders; music by Noland Vannoy; costume design by Sarah Loveland; hair and makeup design by Amelia Brown.


“Fishtown” is written and directed by Max Williams and Emma “Erma” Richardson; with lead animation by Williams; backgrounds by ” Richardson; inbetween animation by Beau Sheil and MK Singleton; sound designed by Kevin Mackler; and music by Michael Gaffney.

“Good Boy Cerberus” 

“Good Boy Cerberus” is written by Kam Szeliga, Vale Stanley and MK Singleton; directed by Singleton; produced by Emily Gallinger and Robert Mageau; edited and sound designed by Jacob Boyle and Trevor Stevens; music by Lizzie He; and lead animation by Singleton, Szeliga, and Stanley.


“Homecoming” is directed by Travis Stewart; written by Kelly Simpson; produced by Zach Chaloux and Adriana Herring; cinematography by Emma Manzer; production design by Cecilia Pitts; editing and sound design by Kelly Hois and Abby Meaux; music by Lizzie He; costume design by Sarah Sims; hair and makeup design by Whitney Cline.


“Mundance” is written by Aiden Winter-Deeley; directed by Abby Davenport; produced by Nick Bailey; with animation by Winter-Deeley, Davenport, Vi DeLeon, Kasey Lewis and Melissa Rooker; edited by Lauren-Ellen Adair; sound designed by Abby Meaux and music by Tyler Hawes.


“Shadowboxing” is written by Zander Heiselman, Reece Clemmons, and Ralph Parker; directed by Heiselman; produced by Jenna Cusack; with cinematography by Ariano Trevino-Angelone; production designed by Grayson Fisher; edited by Jacob Boyle; sound designed by Samuel Bailey;
music by Isaac Silva and Michael McKeithen, Jr.; costume designed by Olivia Alicandri and hair & makeup design by Courtney Kakac.


“Stuffed” is written by Willow Longbrake; directed by Fer MacFarlane; produced by Jenna Cusack and Julia Lofton Walpole; with cinematography by Willow Longbrake; production design by Shelby Grzech; edited and sound designed by Jack Hansen; music by Tyler Hawes; costume design by Brandi McKinnon; and hair & makeup by Cassie Richardson.

“Tiger Blanket”

“Tiger Blanket” is directed by Caro Knight; written by Ashley Miller and Robert Mageau; produced by Julia Lofton Walpole and Mageau; animation by Madison Crisp, Beau Sheil and Victoria Sosa; cinematography by Willow Longbrake; production design by Abel Brone-Hammer; editing by Isaac Balachandran; sound design by Shannon Rose Kelly; music by Alexandra Franco-Zorro.

“You Know His Name”

“You Know His Name” is written by Desiree Winns and Clarke Phillips; directed by Phillips; produced by Robert Mageau; with cinematography by Ben Trevey; production design by Ben Ter Haar; edited by Isabel Rodriguez; sound design by Vasiliki Omirly; music by Michael McKeithen, Jr.; and costume design by Sarah Sims.

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July 20, 2021

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