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Traning illustrationHuman Resources has partnered with representatives from the Employee Assistance Program to bring you three learning and development training opportunities. All training is via Zoom.

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Civility in the Workplace

11 a.m. - noon Thursday, Aug. 5
The prevalence and costs of incivility are on the rise in organizations. When employees are exposed to incivility in the workplace, they experience diminished self-control, which in turn creates increased incivility toward co-workers. Incivility does not involve openly hostile behavior, threats or sabotage and therefore doesn’t warrant the same legal attention or sanctions as other forms of mistreatment, such as harassment. Incivility could be as simple as a sarcastic reply to a co-worker’s comment or a perceived rude sentence in an email. This session will help you understand why we act less civil today and give some suggestions for making sure you don’t exhibit behaviors that are uncivil.

General Overview of Employee Assistance Program

2-3 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 8
11 a.m.-noon Thursday, Sept. 9
Have you ever wondered exactly what the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is and what services are offered through the program? The General Overview session will explain the various services offered by ComPsych and indicates how our employees can contact ComPsych. Be sure to join us for this session to learn more information!

Unconscious Bias

2-3 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 28
We all hold biases of which we aren’t aware. Many of these biases are necessary to make quick decisions as we go about our day—which street to avoid when driving or walking, what to do when we see an animal on a hike, what financial institution to bank with. While these biases aid us in making these decisions, they can also leave out part of the story, leading to a society where everyone is operating from their own viewpoint. This workshop will allow us to discover our biases and their impact.

Contact: Deb Carley

July 22, 2021

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