Parking permit registration opens Aug. 1; action required to opt-out of payroll deduction

Cars parked in a campus lotPlease review the campus parking rules and regulations. On the Parking on Campus web page you’ll find the full regulation, a one-sheet summary for how to register and manage your permit, and a map that shows Student Parking Zones and a walking times map developed by our officers.

Parking permit registration

Registration for 2021-2022 parking permits will be available beginning Aug. 1, 2021. Use the Parking Portal ( to manage your permit, vehicles, and waitlist status. The parking management system allows for more self-service functions for the campus community and increases the general efficiency of back office operations.

Parking Portal (opens in new tab)

Opt-out of payroll deduction by Aug. 10, 2021

Staff and faculty pay for their parking spaces through payroll deduction. If you do not plan to park a car on campus, you must take action to prevent a payroll deduction. Email to notify campus you are opting-out of the parking payroll deduction. Notice must be received by Aug. 10, 2021.

Parking Enforcement

Warnings will be issued until Sept. 1. After Sept. 1 enforcement will begin with a ticket, then a boot, then on the third offense, the vehicle will be towed.

Three tips to avoid enforcement actions:

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Students should review the Student Parking Map before coming to campus to know where to park. There is no parking for students on Kenan Drive, D, E, G, or J lots. These were locations of a significant volume of student parking violations last year and the most number of tows.
  3. If you aren’t sure where to park, call 336-770-3321 for immediate assistance

Signage, capacity and lot maintenance

Over the past year the Police & Public Safety Department has been replacing signage around campus to improve wording on the signs. Some work is still in progress. Work continues to improve signage, capacity, and maintain lots. Maintenance and improvements are funded by:

  • By law, state funds are not allowed to be used for maintaining parking lots. PERMIT FEES are the bulk of what funds the maintenance of parking lots and surfaces, NOT TICKETS, BOOTS OR TOWS.
  • By law, UNCSA keeps only 20% of a fine; 80% goes to the local board of education.
  • Parking fines and fees DO NOT pay for ANY police officer or dispatcher salary.

Construction Impacts for Lots O, B

Lots O and B are currently being used for construction/renovation lay down spaces. Facilities has stated work will be complete before classes start.

Parking Questions

If you have any questions about parking in general, please email If you’re on campus and need assisting finding a place to park, please call 336-770-3321 for immediate assistance.

Contact: Frank Brinkley

July 30, 2021

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