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The New York Times on cellphone.Thanks to UNCSA, students, faculty and staff now have free access to The New York Times.
Noted for its editorial excellence, The New York Times has won 132 Pulitzer Prizes and is long considered the “newspaper of record” in the United States.
The Times offers robust arts coverage and is a great way to stay connected to your industry. Stories span the disciplines of dance, design, theater, music, film, and opera, as well as multidisciplinary innovation.
Whether you’re a student writing a paper, a faculty member prepping course materials, a staff member researching a topic, or someone simply planning for the weekend ahead, The New York Times will help you discover original, quality journalism that helps you understand the world – and make the most of every part of life.
Once a student or employee has activated their access as a new subscriber, they will be able to personalize their experience with newsletters and download the New York Times app. Here are the steps to activate your free, complimentary access:
Step 1: Navigate to
Step 2: Search for and select "UNC School of the Arts"
You will be redirected to the NYT registration page.
Step 3: Select "Create Account" and complete fields; you must use your @edu email
Step 4: Verify your account (you will receive a confirmation email)*
* The confirmation email may be routed to your spam folder. You must select the link in this email to complete the registration.
Note: If you have previously registered your @edu email address on The New York Times site, you will click the "Already have an account? Log in here" link for Step 3.
Once registered, the complimentary account will work for four years and users will have full account access at The account can be logged into from anywhere – not just campus. 

Read your first story

If you need a place to start, we'd like to suggest reading this story "Following Theater Graduates Who Were Left Without a Stage." 

Contact: Sarah Falls

Sept. 3, 2021

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