Guidelines for parking, temporary overflow lot coming

Lot B Parking help signageI want to first thank you for the extreme patience you’re showing regarding the parking situation. We are aware of the capacity crunch due to construction and sympathetic to the challenges it is creating for you. This is the peak time for the number of contractors working on site to complete the work on Artist Village. When it is complete, we’ll have a brand-new residential facility of which we can all be proud.
In the meantime, we will again push back mass enforcement of parking areas to allow for flexibility according to theses guidelines:

  • Reserved spaces will be enforced, Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., per normal (ticket, boot, tow).
  • We will respond to parking complaints and assist other drivers in finding spaces as we always have.
  • We will provide warnings; however, drivers receiving multiple warnings for the same offense will begin to receive tickets when spaces are available. (Please call us for assistance!)

Facilities is working to provide a temporary overflow lot. As soon as we can, we will release that lot to the community for any driver with a current campus parking permit. We anticipate this will provide a significant amount of relief for this pain point and beyond. We will announce resumption of normal parking enforcement to coincide with the release of this temporary parking lot.
Until then, please be patient with each other and with us. Call us at 336-770-3321 for assistance.

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Sept. 14, 2021

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