1098-T tuition statements mailed and available now in TouchNet

Piles of papers scattered on a floorThe 1098-T tuition statements, which are key forms for completing taxes for undergraduate and graduate students, have been mailed and uploaded to TouchNet. Those who have yet to consent to electronic delivery of their 1098-T may do so in TouchNet at any time to gain immediate access and skip the mail delay!
Students can access TouchNet directly through E-Z Arts by selecting:

  1. Select Student tab.
  2. Select Student Accounts then
  3. Select "TouchNet"

Granting consent

You can consent to electronic 1098-T delivery by:

  1. Selecting Consents and Agreements on the right-hand side of the TouchNet main screen.
  2. Once consent is received, your 1098-T will be available in the Statements section, though you may have to log out and log back in to access it.

1098-T Access for Authorized Users

Students also  are encouraged to grant access to any parents or guardians who may file faxes on their behalf. Authorized Users who have been granted access to 1098-Ts by their student can log in directly at www.uncsa.edu/billpay.
1098-T tuition statements are available for undergraduate and graduate students only; high school students are ineligible to receive this particular form.

Contact: Matt Horvat

Jan. 26, 2022

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