Library space reservations now in 25Live

25Live calendar displaying on multiple devicesThe Library is now taking reservations for special events using 25Live. You can view the Library's new Spaces page for information about available spaces, images, and policies regarding use via:

On these pages about the Library spaces, you'll find a link to make your reservation request in 25Live.

Also on the Library's homepage via the Events Calendar link, you can see published events occurring in the Library. When you select an event to view its details, you can add the event to your calendar or opt to text you a reminder and other event actions. When you are in the Library, you can see the day's events listing on its digital signage.

Training offered

The Library will offer training after commencement for all campus staff who regularly book spaces in the Library that will include hands-on 25Live training and tours of the space. All requests should be routed through 25Live rather than by emailing Library staff.

Contact: Sarah Falls

April 29, 2022

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