Summer updates to COVID-19 response

People at the outdoor Celebration of ExcellenceWith the end of the spring semester, we are consolidating the campus COVID-19 services and operations. It is still important to continue to take action to protect yourself from COVID-19 by:

  • staying home if you are sick,
  • getting vaccinated and boosted as eligible, and
  • getting tested as needed.

UNCSA will continue to make adjustments to its guidance as needed. The following updates and policies are in place for the upcoming months.


Surveillance testing of students, faculty and staff is not offered nor required. Even if you have not been vaccinated, you no longer need to get tested unless you are exhibiting symptoms. Academic students are to contact their physician during the summer months as the student health fee coverage is during the nine academic months. Faculty, staff and student workers should contact their physician’s office for testing. If you receive a positive test result and are working on campus, immediately notify your supervisor and report your test to the university’s COVID-19 Reporting Hub.

Summer Intensive staff and students will follow the Summer Intensive COVID-19 Protocols listed on the Summer Intensives website. Summer Intensive employees should direct questions to their immediate supervisors. Summer students and their parents should contact the Health Center. Student Health Services is available to students attending Summer Intensives, which are from June 26-July 22, 2022.

Data Tracking/Dashboard

With the increasing availability of home tests and no required asymptomatic on-campus testing, the UNCSA COVID-19 dashboard no longer provides a comprehensive look at the impact of COVID-19 on campus. Consistent with other universities, UNCSA is no longer maintaining a COVID-19 dashboard. You may find information about virus spread at:

Isolation and Quarantine

If you test positive or have a known exposure, follow the isolation and quarantine protocols set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, report your test and follow guidance about returning to campus. Summer Intensive students will follow the Summer Intensive COVID-19 protocols.

Community Health Standards

Our Community Health Standards provide an effective way you can individually protect yourself and our campus community. Continue to follow them and be considerate of choices people make to keep themselves and their loved ones protected.

Contact: Jim DeCristo

June 1, 2022

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