UNCSA Police to conduct active shooter response drills in August

Members of the campus police receive drill instructions.The UNCSA Police and Public Safety Department, along with other first responder partners, will be conducting Active Shooter Response practice drills on Tuesday, Aug. 2, and Thursday Aug. 4, 2022, at Workplace West on the on UNCSA campus. The area will have signs marking the practice area and there will be visible emergency vehicles (police, fire, EMS) participating in the exercises. Live exercises will be conducted on each of these dates from noon- 5 p.m.
First Responder Participants will be focusing on scene and resource management, stopping a threat, and victim triage, treatment and evacuation. Passersby may observe law enforcement using simulated firearms during these exercises as well as working with simulated patients with injuries. During these exercises if you see or hear activity that is suspicious or concerning, please call UNCSA Police and Public Safety Communications Center at 336-770-3349 to report your observations.

Volunteers needed as role players

If you are interested in assisting by volunteering as a role player in these exercises, please contact UNCSA Police Department Training Coordinator Lieutenant Ted Johnson at johnsonte@uncsa.edu. We would love to have community participation to enhance the challenges and realism of this training. Wear comfortable clothes and no moulage makeup will be applied.

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June 21, 2022

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