Mail Center installs self-service lockers for package pickup

Student reaches inside a mail locker and pulls out a package.Smart lockers are in the UNCSA Mail Center lobby to provide students the ability to get their packages.

How smart lockers work

  1. The Mail Center staff places your package in an appropriately-sized smart locker, which automatically sends you an email notification with a QR code.
  2. You come to the Mail Center lobby, scan the QR code from your email, verify your identification, and sign for the package. A picture of you is taken.
  3. The locker that contains your package opens and you retrieve your package and close the locker door.

Package collection at the Mail Center window

Not all packages will be placed in the smart lockers for pickup. Be sure to check your email to see if your package is in a smart locker or at the Mail Center window. If the from address is "," your package can be picked up at the Mail Center window between 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Contact: Jeanette Valentine

Aug. 2, 2022

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