Limited network access when using personal devices on campus

Laptop, tablet and cellphone UNCSA Information Technology has recently implemented new campus Wi-Fi technology and procedures. As we continue to implement cybersecurity best practices and ensure the safety of our campus computing, we want you to be aware of best practices as it relates to personal devices on campus.
Personal devices such as phones, computers, tablets, etc., are permitted to be used on campus by faculty and staff, but there are limitations that apply:

  • Use of personal computers on campus for UNCSA work should be temporary, and only occur if an appropriate loaner is not available to be checked out from Technology Support, or if the loaner is not adequate for the task needed.
  • By using a personal device and connecting to the UNCSA-WIFI network, you will only have access to the Internet. No internal systems, such as Banner Admin or the Superman file server, will be available to personal devices. There may be other systems that are less widely used which could also be affected. Access to externally hosted systems should be available.
  • All UNCSA data should be stored only in approved cloud services and not on your personal computer. UNCSA provides several of these services, including OneDrive, Teams, and Dropbox. Google Drive is currently used by some but not IT-managed.

For further information, please contact Technology Support at 336-770-3300 or

Contact: Terry Harmon

Aug. 17, 2022

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