Voting opens March 22 for 2023-24 Student Body President election

sgaThe UNCSA Student Government Association is hosting the election for the 2023-24 Student Body President on Wednesday, March 22 through Thursday March 23.

The Student Body President collaborates with representatives from High School Student Government, Graduate Student Council, and the Association of Student Governments. This individual also interfaces with UNCSA's administration, faculty, and staff, advocating on behalf of the student body. The Student Body President represents the student body as a Board of Trustees voting member.

The Student Body President (SBP) candidate is:

  • Jack Sargeant, a rising third-year student in the School of Music
    • Jack Sargeant's Campaign
      • I. Campus Communication Developing stronger and more regular interdisciplinary communication students can have time to support or participate in other arts Using methods such as the new student app to inform students of available resources Sending out regular SGA newsletters to inform students of the current issues steps being taken towards progress
      • II. Health, Wellness, and Safety Advocating for mental health days and understanding among faculty Bringing safety concerns to the attention of campus police and scheduling solutions Expanding resources and services offered by the wellness center; Ensuring filling of empty positions
      • III. Scheduling and Curriculum Development of CSI to avoid performance and programming overlaps among schools Continued revision of the curriculums in each school to best fit the career of the students as they see fit
      • IV. Dining Advocating for more inclusive dining options on campus

Vote Here

You can cast your vote starting at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, March 22 through 11:59 p.m. Thursday, March 23. All students (high school, undergraduate and graduate) may cast one vote for their candidate of choice.

If you have difficulties accessing the link during the above times, please email Aaron Ross and attach a screenshot of any error messages.

Thank you for your participation in voting for your next Student Body President.

- The 2022-23 SGA Elections Committee

Contact: Aaron Ross

March 16, 2023