Accessibility Resources

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is open and accessible to all qualified students. The policy for serving students with disabilities is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Accessibility Resources is one of an array of resources offered to students under the office of Learning Resources and is provided to students with a documented disability. Students may request disability-related accommodations in the academic or living environment at UNCSA by supporting a request through documentation that meets the university's guidelines. For information on the process for documenting a disability see Steps for Accommodations for College Students. It is recommended that students submit documentation of their disability and request accommodations as early as possible in the semester as accommodations are not provided retroactively. 

To speak with a staff member about the process for disclosing, requesting, and receiving disability-related accommodations at UNCSA or if you have difficulty accessing information from this web page or any web pages on UNCSA site and would like to be provided with an accessible alternative, please contact Jorja Waybrant.

UNCSA has adopted an appeals process for disability-related matters to ensure a student's rights and privileges are protected. To learn more, please review the Disability Appeal Procedure.  The ADA and Section 504 Compliance Officer for the university is committed to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at UNCSA. For questions or concerns regarding access to programs and services please contact the ADA and Section 504 Compliance Officer for the university. Every effort will be made to resolve the situation or concern and/or the student will be referred to the appropriate individual for assessment and review. The ADA and Section 504 Compliance Officer for UNCSA is:

Office of Learning Resources
Jorja Waybrant, Coordinator
Office: Teaching and Learning Center, 2nd floor of Library Annex
Phone: 336-726-6963
Fax: 336-726-6964

Resources for Faculty & Staff

Faculty  are a vital link in the process of designing accessible instructional materials and accommodating students in the classroom. The following link provides an array of information on the best practices for teaching students with disabilities.

Resources for Faculty & Staff