Faculty and Staff Resources for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are a rapidly growing minority in higher education. To assure equal opportunity to participate under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), qualified students must be provided access to the programs and services offered by UNCSA. Access means more than the removal of architectural barriers and the provision of auxiliary services. It means that reasonable accommodations must be made in the academic environment and includes the provision of accessible materials in the classroom (for virtual or face-to-face instructional settings).

Although Accessibility Resources is the campus office that verifies documentation and provides support to students with disabilities, faculty are a vital link in the process of designing accessible instructional materials and accommodating students in the classroom. To assist faculty, a comprehensive guide has been developed at UNCSA to aid in navigating the accommodation process:

Faculty & Staff Guide - Teaching Students with Disabilities

The Faculty & Staff Guide offers a number of resources including the following sample syllabus statement faculty may use in their syllabus to guide students about the process for disclosing, requesting and receiving accommodations on campus:

If you are a student with a disability and anticipate the need for an accommodation in order to participate in this course, you must notify the Office of Accessibility Resources in the Teaching & Learning Center and submit documentation of your disability. Once you have been approved for accommodations and provided with an accommodation letter through the office of Accessibility Resources, please identify yourself to me so that you can make your particular accommodation requests for this course and we can discuss how these accommodations will be implemented in the classroom.

In addition to information found in the Faculty & Staff Guide the following provide other helpful resources:

Faculty who have questions/concerns are welcome to contact Accessibility Resources for more information, contact Jorja Waybrant.