Career Development Grants

Career Development Grants are available to all UNCSA students for projects that have a positive impact on their professional career plans. Career Development Grants are made possible through the generous support of the Talented Students in the Arts Initiative, a collaboration of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Surdna Foundation. 

The minimum grant amount will be $300 and the maximum amount awarded per grant will be $750. Only one application submission is permitted. More than one application per project and per person will not be considered.


  1. Follow the outline of the rubric in submitting materials.
  2. Submit your project summary to your faculty advisor and obtain emailed approval or endorsement.
  3. Once the faculty advisor has approved or endorsed the project, forward the entire email chain to your school's committee representative.
    Note: When uploading the budget, your projected expenses should equal your projected funding.

Career Development Grant Application

Career Development Grant Committee Members
Dance – Sean Sullivan, 336-734-2889
D&P – Michael Sharpe, 336-734-2967
Drama – Tanya Belov,  336-770-1338
Film – Eric Eason, 336-770-1391
Music – Dimitri Shteinberg, 336-631-1540


Schedule for Career Development Grants:

early November 2018 Online application available
mid November 2018 Faculty Advisor approval required
early December 2018 Career Development Grant Committee reviews applications
mid December 2018 Awards announced via email

Successful applicants will be notified by email. All funds must be claimed within two months of project completion. No exceptions will be allowed for late submissions.

Complete documentation (i.e. original receipts), a thank you letter, and a project summary will be required of every grant recipient to redeem grant funds.

Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement Guidelines

The minimum grant amount is $300 and the maximum amount awarded per grant is $750. Be sure you read and understand all guidelines and instructions. Gather all information required to ensure your application is complete.

Reimbursement Criteria

  • Recipients of the grant will be reimbursed, after the project has been completed, through direct deposit (or by check for foreign national students) issued by University of North Carolina School of the Arts Foundation.
  • Complete and print out the Electronic Fund Transfer form  for direct deposit even if you already receive direct deposit payments from UNCSA (not allowed for foreign national students).
  • Reimbursement requires original receipts (showing payment confirmation). Any receipts in someone else’s name, must include an explanation of why it is not in the applicant’s name. For instances when there are shared expenses (i.e., hotel accommodations), please indicate the names of your roommate(s) and the breakdown of your portion of expenses.
  • Complete and print out the reimbursement form. Reimbursement materials should not be stapled. Small reimbursement receipts should be taped on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper (one side of the paper only) with the type of expense listed off to the side (i.e., food, gas, meals, etc.).
  • Use a paper clip to secure all materials and place in a large envelope. Do not bend papers or staple any materials. Receipts should show the details of the purchase and not just the purchase amount. For meal receipts, ask the wait staff to provide an itemized receipt.
  • These items are non-reimbursable:
    • Alcohol 
    • Personal Items (clothes, make-up, etc.)
    • Airbnb
  • For international travel, applicant is responsible for listing the receipt amount in US Dollars by using Include the conversion sheet with your materials.
  • If you are a foreign national, please complete the foreign national form and include pertinent copies of visa, passport, I-94 departure record, social security copy and I-20 or Form IAP66/DS2019. Please note you may be taxed at a rate of 14%.
  • A written project summary must be included with receipts and should adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Min 250/Max 500 words
    • A detailed description of the project you completed;
    • A description of the artistic merit of the project; and
    • An explanation of why this use of funds was beneficial in your career development.
  • A thank-you letter (typed or handwritten) addressed to the Career Development Grant Committee must be included to demonstrate your appreciation for the funds to complete the project. Be sure to include your name and have a minimum of 100 words.
  • If this is your first career development grant, please complete a W-9 form and include with your materials.
  • Reimbursements must be requested within two months of project completion or funds will be forfeited. You are not able to change the scope of project after you have been awarded a career development grant.
  • With consent of the applicant, your submission materials may be made available for prospective applicants to review as a model of excellence.
  • An appointment may be scheduled if you are unclear of the process. Email Debby Pyatt to schedule a meeting.
  • Materials are to be dropped off at Hanes Student Commons, Kenan Student Life Center, Room 127, or left at the front reception desk in the Student Life Center.
  • Any applicant not adhering to the outlined instructions will receive an email to correct all errors.
  • Processing of reimbursement takes 10 to 14 business days, and the applicant will receive an email from UNCSA Foundation. International students require additional processing time

Project Determination Guidelines

Each school has a set of guidelines for determining the type of projects that are appropriate for funding. Proposals must have a positive impact upon the student's professional career plans. You may consult your arts advisor, major teacher or Career Development Committee representative for assistance. No funding for equipment or curriculum requirements will be considered.

School of Dance

  • Further education through summer festivals, competitions or auditions
  • Photographs for dance resumés

School of Design & Production

  • Portfolio preparation (also applies to Visual Arts)
  • Workshops, professional conferences, internships, interviews, competitions, exhibitions and other activities which result in significant career impact and professional development.

School of Drama

  • School interviews (graduating high school students only)
  • Workshops
  • Auditions
  • Headshots
  • Website development

Note: Monies from the Career Development Grant cannot be used for private tutorials with UNCSA Faculty/Staff.

School of Filmmaking

Professional interviews, portfolios, workshops, and internships.

Note: Funding for the production of a film will not be considered. 

School of Music

Performance in competitions, professional auditions, and other activities which result in significant career impact and professional development.

Note: Requests should be for individuals only, not ensembles. Funding for school auditions will not be considered.