Career Development Grants

Career Development Grants are available to all UNCSA students to help fund projects that will impact their professional career plans.

The Career Development Grant can be used for:

  • Professional photos
  • Summer and other festivals
  • Competitions
  • Professional auditions
  • Work interviews
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Workshops
  • Professional conferences
  • Internships/apprenticeships
  • Exhibitions
  • Website development (limited to a 1-year subscription)

Career Development Grants cannot be used for:

  • Private tutorials with UNCSA faculty or staff
  • Funding productions
  • Equipment
  • Curriculum requirements
  • School auditions

Grant awards range from $300 to $750. One application per student per year is allowed. Grantees must submit a reimbursement request within 2 months of completing the project. (Refer to the reimbursement instructions.)

Projects must be completed by December 2020 and the reimbursement packet must be received by February 2021. If you graduate in May 2020, your project must be completed by August 31, 2020.


The grant application includes:

  1. Student information section
  2. Project details section
  3. Project documents section (submit a single 5-page PDF file that includes the following)
    • Page 1. Project description (500 words maximum)
    • Page 2. Short summary of how this grant will benefit your career (250 words maximum)
    • Page 3. Budget (See example of a budget.)
    • Page 4. Resume (See example of a resume.)
    • Page 5. Project approval from your primary faculty member/adviser/mentor (this can be an email converted into a PDF or a signed letter in PDF form)

This rubric will be used to score the applications. It is recommended that all applicants review the rubric prior to submitting their application.

Career development grant application

Career Development Grant committee members


October 9 Online Application Available
November 18 Applications Due
December 13 Awards Announced

Refer to the Office of Career Development page for information on the fall 2019 grant writing workshops.

Successful applicants will be notified by email in December. Reimbursement must be requested within two months of project completion. Funding can only be used for the project outlined in the grant application.

Career Development Grants are made possible through the generous support of the Talented Students in the Arts Initiative, a collaboration of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Surdna Foundation.