Kenan Excellence Scholarship

The Kenan Excellence Scholarship program was established at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) in 2005 by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust and later endowed by the Trust in 2011 with a $6 million grant, the largest one-time private gift in the school’s history. The most prestigious scholarship program at the UNCSA, the Kenan Excellence Scholarship (KES) provides full tuition, fees, and room and board for up to four incoming students each year.

Program Criteria

The dean of each of the five arts schools nominates two excellent candidates for the KES each Spring term from among their best new admittees to the university. The KES Selection Committee reviews each nomination, considering criteria that include each student’s ability in the given arts discipline, capacity to lead and motivate, extracurricular achievement, grade point average, and standardized test scores. The committee then interviews the finalists for selection. Awards are made to the students judged to have the best potential as artist-scholars, regardless of the program in which they enroll or their area of residence.

2018-2019 Kenan Excellence Scholars

Freshman Class:

  • Marta Djorović, of Belgrade, Serbia, Music
  • Belle Le of San José, California, Drama
  • Blaine McIndoe of New York, New York, Filmmaking
  • Houston Odum of Jamestown, North Carolina, Design & Production

Sophomore Class:

  • Josephine Greenwald of Scottsdale, Arizona, Music
  • Kelly Simpson of Anchorage, Alaska, Filmmaking
  • Sylvani Starchild St. Clair of Eugene, Oregon, Dance

Junior Class:

  • Raunak Kapoor of Noida, India, Filmmaking
  • Bryce Richardson of Greenville, South Carolina, Music
  • Sean Stack of Miami, Florida, Drama

Senior Class:

  • Carly Anders of Eldersburg, Maryland, Design & Production
  • Cricket Brown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Drama


Kenan Excellence Scholars Liaison
Erin Edge
Phone: 336-726-6940
Fax: 336-770-3367

Campus Program Oversight
David English, Provost
Phone: 336-770-3262
Fax: 336-770-3367