Kenan Scholarship

Kenan Scholarship Nomination & Award Process

Nomination Process

Each arts school will select up to two first-year college degree-seeking applicants whom they consider to be their most talented or “top” artists, based on their audition/interview process, to nominate for this scholarship. This is a merit-based award and cannot be applied for.

  • Arts schools may choose to use additional information from the application materials to inform their decision to nominate, e.g., GPA, SAT, activities, etc.
  • Applicants should have auditioned and been recommended for acceptance by the arts school no later than February 19.
  • Applicants will be first-time UNCSA college students. (Having college credit from another institution is acceptable as long as they will be enrolled as a first-year college for the first time at UNCSA.) 

As soon as possible but no later than February 20, arts schools will submit to Financial Aid a letter of nomination highlighting the artistic excellence of each nominee. The purpose of this letter will be to express the exceptional talents observed by the arts schools. 

  • Admissions Office will route supporting-document packets to Office of Student Financial Aid as soon as possible but no later than February 20.
  • Students must be officially accepted for admission into the degree program before the Kenan Selection Committee meeting. Admissions Office will expedite review as necessary to meet deadlines of the Kenan Excellence Award Selection Committee. 

Review Process

  1. Provost will appoint the Selection Committee for the William R. Kenan, Jr. Excellence Award.
  2. Financial Aid Office will prepare nominee notebooks (letters of nomination and supporting documents) and supply them to the Selection Committee (February 22) in advance of the first meeting.
  3. Provost/Staff will schedule initial Selection Committee Meeting (target date, February 26).
  4. Selection Committee will prepare standardized interview questions to be asked of all nominees, while also allowing flexibility for additional questions based on responses from nominees (questions determined at the first meeting or another meeting prior to the interviews).
  5. Financial Aid Office staff can/will be present during the first or subsequent meeting to facilitate to the Selection Committee process.
  6. Provost/Staff will coordinate interviews of finalists (communication, interview options, scheduling).
  7. Selection Committee will interview finalists (target dates February 27–March 1) and prepare recommendations no later than March 1.
    Note: Years 1–13 interviews conducted by telephone conferencing.

Award Notification

  • Recommendations from the Selection Committee will be sent to the Provost/Chancellor as soon as possible, but no later than March 1.
  • Final determinations on the Kenan Excellence Award recipients will be made no later than March 1.
  • Recipients will be notified via telephone on the first business day following the committee's decision. Office of Student Financial Aid will prepare award notifications (target date March 15).