Stanley M. Zedalis Military Affiliated Student Scholarship

Established in 2015, the Stanley M. Zedalis Military Affiliated Student Scholarship is an annual grant of $500 designed to support military affiliated students enrolled at UNCSA while honoring the service of a disabled veteran of the US Armed Forces. 

The scholarship is open to all U.S. military connected UNCSA graduate, undergraduate and high school students who meet the eligibility requirements.  Award recipients are selected by the UNCSA Military Connected Student Task Force.

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Stanley M. Zedalis
The scholarship is named for Stanley M. Zedalis, a veteran of WWII who served in the US Navy aboard the naval refueling tanker USS Niobrara. During World War II, the Zedalis family was one of numerous immigrant families from the coal-mining region of northeastern Pennsylvania who had multiple sons signed into active duty. “Stan” and all four of his brothers served in various theaters ranging from Guadalcanal and the South Pacific, to Europe alongside Patton’s 3rd Army. Three brothers returned home wounded, and one lived out the remainder of his life in a veteran hospital.

Scholarship Recipients

Military Veteran Honorees


TaWanna Archia
Program Manager
Chair, UNCSA Military Connected Student Task Force