Grade Replacement Request

Students may request to replace a grade for select required General Education courses in which a grade of D or F was earned up to ten credit hours. Core General Education courses are defined by major and area of concentration and may include one or more of the following: ENG 1101 and 1102, MST 1100, HUM 2101 and 2102 2112, THH 2101 and 2102, ARH 1101 and 1102, SCI 1110, 2101 and 2102 and 3200, ITA 1101 and 1102, FRE 1101 and 1102, GER 1101 and 1102.

  • General Education core courses taken as elective credit are exempt from grade replacement policy
  • A course grade can only be replaced once.
  • The request must be signed by the Dean or Assistant Dean of the Division of Liberal Arts.
  • Credit hours earned for the course will count only once in the total hours for the degree.
  • Courses within Art Schools are exempt from the policy.