Bailey Street Apartments - Student Relocation Information

Bailey Street Apartments - Student Relocation Information

Bailey Street Apartments will be closed at the end of the fall semester in order to clear the site where the new residence hall will be built. Residence Life is providing the following relocation options. 

Gateway Loft Apartments

Sample one-bedroom + one-bathroom apartment unit.Sample two-bedroom + two-bathroom apartment unit.Existing Gateway Lofts building next to the Gateway Loft Apartments under construction.On-site parking for residents and guests.Sample kitchen & finish package. (Gateway Loft Apartments will be brand new.)Additional sample kitchen & finish package.Sample living room with open-floor plan and porches.Sample bathroom layout & finish package.Sample bedroom image. (Gateway Loft Apartments will be brand new.)All units have walk-in closets and their own washer and dryers.

Residence Life toured many options to find suitable housing for the Bailey Street Apartments residents during the spring semester. The complex is composed of one- and two-bedroom apartments. Each bedroom will be double occupancy.  Students will have the opportunity to choose roommates. If you do not want a roommate then you can request to be placed in a single space location on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students may also choose to be added to the wait list for on-campus housing options.

If the answer to your question isn't listed below or you have additional concerns, please complete this form.


Information about the Bailey Street Apartments relocation process:

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Do I need a special parking decal? Can I park on campus?

Gateway Loft residents wanting to park on campus
There will not be a specific permit to park at the Lofts this 2019-2020 academic year. Campus Police are not managing permitting nor enforcing parking at the Gateway Loft Apartments site. If students wants to park ON CAMPUS while living at the Lofts, students can swap their Resident Decal for a Commuter Decal by bringing the removed the old one from their vehicle. Students who did not purchase a decal, will need to purchase a Commuter Decal.

Next year students can plan for a "Gateway Commuter Permit" if desired. There are plenty of spaces at the Lofts for the residents we have.

Moving to Center Stage Apartments
If students are moving from Bailey Street Apartments to Center Stage Apartments, it is also the same price, an exchange for the appropriate decal is needed. Students need to bring the decal (remove the old one from the vehicle to show it has not been simply given to someone else to use) and Campus Police will give students a Center Stage Decal.

Moving off-campus to another location
Students all fall have been permitted to swap their Resident Decal to a Commuter Decal if they are moving off campus from the Bailey Street Apartments. Decals are the same price, so no additional money, nor a refund is needed. Student need need to bring the decal (remove the old one from the vehicle to show it has not been simply given to someone else to use) and Campus Police will give students a Commuter Decal.

How will students' requests for single bedrooms be determined?

Consideration will be given in the following order:

  1. Students with currently-approved, disability-related accommodations from Learning Resources
  2. International students
  3. First-year students (freshmen/C1)
  4. Second-year students (sophomore/C2)
  5. Third-year students (juniors/C3)
  6. Fourth-year students (seniors/C4)

What services will be available to students to assist with the move?

  • Packing boxes and materials
  • Movers to transport student belongings
  • Similar to the assistance provided during new student orientation

Will students affected by the move have an option to downgrade their meal plan purchase?

Yes. Students will have the option to downgrade their meal plan for spring semester.

Will financial aid be impacted?

No. Financial aid will not be affected.

Will you be reimbursed if you cancel your housing contract?

Residence Life will review any requests or concerns about breaking housing contracts. Reimbursements will be evaluated and awarded by Residence Life on a case-by-case basis.

How will this impact international students and students working on "The Nutcracker"?

Students with schedule conflicts should reach out to Residence Life to sign up for a moving date that coordinates with their schedule. 

What will the housing options be for next fall?

Students will have the option to reserve space in the new facility next fall. Based on student feedback, we will assess the need for single occupancy spaces in the summer and make needed adjustments before opening housing options for fall 2020.

How will communications about this relocation be delivered going forward?

Residence Life will continue to update students that live in Bailey Street Apartments by email and through in-person meetings. Check back on this webpage for updated information. Questions and answers submitted via the form below will be added to these lists.  

What is the deadline for Bailey Street Apartments residents to move out?

January 20, 2020


Information about the new facility:

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Will students have to pay more for alternative living arrangements?

No. Students will pay a reduced rate for double occupancy and the same rate for single occupancy. Utilities are included in the rent: cable, internet, electricity, water and sewer service.

Will the new student residence location be safe?

UNCSA Police will extend their jurisdiction to include the new residence location. They will patrol the area as part of their regular responsibilities. Additionally, the property is equipped with security cameras and bright LED parking lot lighting.

Will furniture be provided?

Yes, we will provide furniture for students: Bedroom furniture - twin XL beds with mattress, dresser, desks and chairs; Living room furniture - sofa, chair, coffee table, and end table; Dining room furniture - table and chairs.

How close is the new facility to the UNCSA campus?

The new facility is less than a five-minute walk from the UNCSA campus. If students do not wish to walk, UNCSA Transportation will provide a shuttle service that will accommodate their class schedules and needs.

What types of amenities will be available in the new location?

  • Washer & Dryer in every unit
  • Bathroom in every bedroom
  • Patio in every unit
  • Elevator
  • Kitchen appliances: microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and oven range
  • Parking on site
  • Bike racks

Will the new housing be staffed by Residence Life?

Yes, Residence Life staff will live on site. They include:

  • Assistant Director for Student Development
  • Three Resident Assistants

What parking options will be available to students who choose to move to the new facility?

The new living facility has ample parking for all residents. We will evaluate campus parking availability to determine the best approach for students affected. Once the transition takes place, we will have more clearly defined guidelines on parking alternatives or options.

What is the animal policy at the new facility?

Students with the need for emotional support animals should make Residence Life aware of their needs and they will accommodate them.

When will the name of the new facility be announced?

Now that the lease has been signed, UNCSA is announcing that name of the facility is Gateway Loft Apartments.

Is the new facility located behind the Valero gas station?


Will the new facility be accessible for students with disabilities?

Two apartments are ADA compliant and will be prioritized for students with disabilities. There is elevator-access for all floors of the new facility.

Will the new facility be co-ed?

Apartments will continue to be single sex occupancy.

New residence hall construction project information:

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How was the construction timeline determined?

After the review of the project schedule, the design team advised an accelerated timeline, including the demolition of Bailey Street Apartments, to ensure completion of this project within budget and in the timeline needed for the new residence hall to open in August 2021.

Plans for new residence hall construction was included the campus master plan developed in 2017. A project of this scope takes multiple levels of review and received approval in July 2019 from the UNC Board of Governors, the UNC System Office, and the North Carolina Legislature. After that approval we were allowed to begin the process of hiring the architect and engineers who are leading this project.

How certain is the construction completion timeline for the new residence hall?

The schedule for project completion is August 2021. There are several milestones involved in the project between now and project completion that are outside of UNCSA’s control such as State Construction Office reviews during the design phase and State Inspections during the construction phase. UNCSA will endeavor to manage these milestones and keep the project on schedule.

Why couldn’t we change the time of the move to the summer?

The original plan included a timeline that started construction after the end of the academic year. We have been advised by our design team that we had to accelerate the timeline to January 2020 in order to keep from jeopardizing the project.

Why did we agree to demolish Bailey Street Apartments without a relocation space in place?

The location of Bailey Street Apartments was identified as the site for the new residence hall during the 2017 campus master plan process

There are many levels of approvals and authorization that have to take place to evaluate and identify the appropriate space for relocation. These have been going on in parallel to the design phase of this construction project and were accelerated when the new timeline was advised.



If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Ramona Richmond or complete this form.

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Primary Contact: Ramona Richmond
Senior Associate Director for Residential Life
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Tracey Ford, Ed.D.
Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
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Director of Student Affairs Administration
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