Housing for College Students

Housing for College Students

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts undergraduate program offers residence options with full-time residential staff and key-card access. Residence Halls A-F are located in the central campus. Most first-year and second-year students reside here. Apartment areas do not close during the holiday and spring break periods. High School students have separate residence halls on UNCSA campus.

Residence halls and apartments contain a mix of students from various arts areas and class years. This arrangement maximizes your opportunity to learn from, network with, and socialize among students with varied backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Beyond the living quarters, there are common spaces created to promote and develop a sense of community. Lounge areas for TV viewing and recreational and educational programming, a student-run coffee house, a kitchen and laundry facilities are at your convenience.

Residence Halls

Note: Students selecting A-F or the Gateway Loft Apartments for fall 2021 will transition to the New Residence Hall in December 2021.

  • Residence Halls A-F are reserved for freshmen and sophomore college students.
  • Gateway Loft Apartments is a housing facility that UNCSA is using for University students while a new residence hall is being built.
  • Center Stage Apartments is an apartment complex located adjacent to campus. Generally reserved for upper-class students, non-traditional aged students and international students.
  • New Residence Hall will be available for occupancy in January 2022.

Room & Roommates

Room and roommate assignments for the fall semester are mailed one month before classes start.


The doors are locked 24 hours a day and have a computerized keyless entry system. This system is design to keep all non-UNCSA affiliated persons out of the college residence halls. There is professional residence life staff on site.