College Residence Halls A-F

Halls A-F were built in 1972 and house college level students. Each hall contain three
floors and each floor has four double and eight single occupancy rooms.

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Floor Plan
A-F Residence Hall Floor Plan


  • Single (9' x 10') and double (10' x 13') occupancy rooms
  • Resident Assistant lives on each floor
  • Full-time maintenance and housekeeping staff
  • Centralized hall phone
  • Utilities include basic cable TV service and Ethernet computer connections (for access to campus network and Internet) in each room
  • Individual room-controlled heating and cooling units
  • Central laundry room, kitchen and lounge
  • Tile floor

Furniture and dimensions may vary slightly from room to room. The measurements on this page are approximate with the most common set ups.

  • In a single room: twin bed (standard length), desk (24" x 42"), chair, dresser and wardrobe, window blinds, sink and mirror. Window dimensions are 34 1/2" x  92".
  • In a double room: each resident will have a twin bed (standard length), desk (24" x 42"), chair, dresser, shared window blinds, sink and mirror, and built-in closet
  • Each bed (unless bunked or lofted) provides 31" of height, 38" of depth and 74" of length underneath
  • Built-in closets are 43-45" wide and 30-35" deep

Special Interest Housing

The College Residence Halls are three floors with each floor having four double-occupancy rooms and eight single-occupancy rooms. There are several special interest floors in Halls E & F:

  • All Male: The first floor of Residence Hall E houses only male students.
  • All Female: The second floor of Residence Hall E houses only female students.
  • Quiet Community: The third floor of Residence Hall E is for students requesting an environment where Quiet Hours are observed 24 hours a day except for arts practice. Arts practice in rooms will be permitted only from noon to 8 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.