Scheduling appointments during COVID-19

Scheduling appointments during COVID-19

UNCSA Counseling Services is dedicated to meeting student mental health needs. In response to COVID-19, we have developed a plan to provide safe, confidential, student-focused care during these new and challenging times. Please read below for a step-by-step guide to connecting with one of our UNCSA counselors

Note: Counseling Services must obtain parent/guardian consent for any student under the age of 18 (high school or college) who wishes to receive ongoing counseling.  Following the Intake Appointment the counselor will email the Informed Consent for Treatment and the Informed Consent for Telehealth to your parent/guardian. These forms must be signed and returned to your counselor through email, fax, or hard copy, prior to your next appointment.  

Steps to Scheduling Individual and Group Counseling Appointments

  1. To schedule an appointment with Counseling Services please contact the Wellness Center front desk at 336-770-3288.  Individual (intake/initial and ongoing) and group counseling will be scheduled as telehealth appointments during a time that the student is available.
  2. Students scheduled for an intake appointment will need to complete the Intake Appointment form prior to that appointment. This form includes demographic information, CCAPS 62 questionnaire, Informed Consent for Treatment, Informed Consent for Telehealth. These forms will be reviewed during your intake appointment.
  3. Students will receive an email with a Zoom for Healthcare Link to log into the platform at your appointment time. Students will enter the virtual waiting room and will be “let in” by the counselor once the session begins.
  4. Students who present to the Wellness Center to schedule an appointment in-person will be directed through the process above.  

Steps to Scheduling Crisis Appointments        

  1. This is for students who contact the Wellness Center in distress, requesting to speak with a counselor immediately. Students will be first screened for COVID-19 symptoms. This will include a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire and temperature check conducted at the entrance of the Wellness Center.
  2. If the student answers yes to ANY of the COVID-19 screening questions and/or has a temperature of 100.0 degrees or above they will be referred to Medical for further evaluation. If the student is still needing to connect with Counseling Services following their meeting with Medical, the student will complete a Crisis Triage form, which will be reviewed by a counselor to determine the next steps of care.
  3. If the student answered no to ALL questions AND has a temperature of 99.9 or below, they will be asked to complete the Crisis Triage Form in the Wellness Center main lobby. Once the designated counselor has reviewed the form the student will be invited into Counseling Services waiting room for their telehealth or in-person appointment.