Design & Construction Projects

Design & Construction Projects

To learn more about these and other UNC design and construction projects, refer to the UNC System Capital & Construction website.

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Ongoing projects

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As part of the Housing Master Plan  Study by RJA (PDF) and the Residential Hall Study by RAMSA (PPT), the University is requiring comprehensive architecture, engineering, and planning services for the project. Comprises of East Wing and West wing, the building will 115,000 square feet with 141 units and 458 beds, and two staff apartments

Total Project Cost: $46,000,000

Est. Timeline:

  • Fall 2019 UNCSA  design process
  • June 2020 construction begins
  • Completion October 2021
  • Ready for occupancy in 2022

Current Status:
Under construction

New Residence Hall Project

Renovations to Freedman and Catawba Theatres.

Funding: NC Connect Bond Project $2,900,000 and Private Donor $5,000,000; Campus Funding: $1,400,000.

Total Project Cost: $8,760,000

Designer: Vines Architecture
Bar Construction Company

Current Status:
Under construction. Work started May 2020 and completion is targeted for late March 2021

This project already has SCO approval to start the bid process.

Current Status: Designed, pending funding

Current Status: In Design; once approved by the SCO funding will be sought to complete the project

This project already has SCO approval to start the bid process.

Current Status: Designed, pending funding

The campus has several parking lots that are in poor condition and pose safety and convenience issues. The campus will be repairing or replacing lots as funding allows. New signage, striping, wheel stops, and pot hole improvements will be completed over time.

Funding: Parking Fund

Designer: Currently none, however, there may be an opportunity to expand and improve conditions at de Mille Theater, the Chapel Street entrance, and other areas that may require engineering services.

Recent Work

2019 - Fall-Spring - New Watson Circle Signage
2020 - Summer - O Lot - Pot Hole Repairs
2020 - Summer & Ongoing - New Residence Hall Impacts - M Lot Off Line; J Lot - Down 14 Spaces
2020 - Fall - A, B, & J Lots - New Signage Ordered


Recently Completed Project

SAAB: Semans Arts and Administration Building (formerly Old Library Renovation) (Connect NC Bond Project) -COMPLETE

The project will involve re-purposing the space to accommodate various multipurpose and seminar rooms; rehearsal spaces; a recording studio; Drama and Dance faculty offices and conference rooms; a campus event space for meetings and receptions; and university administration, including offices for the chancellor, provost, chief of staff and general counsel.

Renovation Project

Funding: NC Connect Bond Project $8,000,000.
Total Project Cost: $8,500,000

Designer: Szostak Design
Davie Construction of Advance, general contractor

Est. Timeline:

  • Contract Execution         December 2018
  • Construction Start          March 2019
  • Construction Finish        July 15, 2020

Current Status: Completed on time and within budget.

Sanford and Moore: New Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems - COMPLETE

The existing HVAC systems at Sanford and Moore Halls will be removed and replaced with new units with individual temperature control. The project may be phased or completed entirely in one year, yet to be determined. 

Funding: Auxiliary Receipt Funds, Project Budget $2,300,000
Total Project Cost: $1,380,000

Designer: McKim & Creed Engineers
WC Construction

Est. Timeline:

  • Bid                                  March 2019
  • Construction Start         Summer 2020

Current Status: Completed on time and within budget.

Bailey Street Apartment Demolition - COMPLETE

According to Facilities Management, the Bailey Street Apartment Demolition project will take 75 days.

  • Jan. 29 Pre-Bid Conference - Complete
  • March 13 Bid Opening
  • March 28 Executed Contracts, if bids are within budget
  • Late April-Early May Contractor Mobilization and Notice to Proceed

Current Status: Completed April 10, 2020