UNCSA Safety and Security Committee

Safety and Security Committee

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) is dedicated to providing a place of employment and learning that is as free as possible from recognized hazards.  The purpose of the UNCSA Safety and Security Committee is to comply with the Standards of the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration,  G.S. 143-584 and the Federal Clery Act, as well as to provide a campus forum to address campus safety and security concerns.


It is the intent of the UNCSA to create a Safety and Security Committee with member representation from all departments and programs on the campus, with intentions to comply with OSHR G.S. 143-584, federal and state regulations and to provide a work environment free from recognized hazards for its employees.

Basic Safety and Security Committee Functions

  • Review, revise or create UNCSA Security, Health and Safety Programs Plans and Guidelines
  • Review incidents involving security and work related accidents, injuries or near hits
  • Discuss employee safety and security concerns, form sub-committees and/or  and investigate
  • Conduct, document and report findings of annual work site safety and security inspections
  • Make recommendations for departmental security and safety trainings
  • Make recommendations for safety and security improvements to the UNCSA Administration.

Safety and Security Committee Members

The Co-Chairs of the Safety and Security Committee shall be the Director of Environmental Health and Safety and the Chief of Police. Committee members shall represent a cross-section of departments and programs on campus.   Members shall serve on the committee for two years.  Each member shall serve as a Health, Safety and Security Liaison for their respective department and shall bring departmental Health, Safety and Security concerns to the attention of the Safety and Security Committee. Members are also responsible for keeping their respective departments apprised of the plans, progress, findings and/or applicable resolutions of the Safety and Security Committee. 

UNCSA Safety and Security Committee Members 2020

Safety Co-Chair:  Toni Beery, Environmental Health and Safety Director
Security Co-Chair:  Frank Brinkley, Chief of Police
Secretary:  Clarisse Davis, Emergency Management Coordinator

Anticipated Campus Member Representation:   Refer to meeting minutes for individual member attendees:

  • School of Design and Production
  • School of Filmmaking
  • School of Music
  • School of Dance
  • School of Drama
  • Division of Liberal Arts
  • Student Services
  • Student Government
  • Campus Police
  •  IT
  • Foundation
  • Facilities Management
  • Finance and Administration

Safety and Security Committee Meetings

The Safety and Security Committee will meet four times per year.  Sub-committees may be tasked with projects that will require additional meetings throughout the year.

Proposed 2020 UNCSA Safety and Security Committee meeting dates:

  • March 19, 2020
  • June 19, 2020
  • September 22, 2020
  • December 2020


Records shall be kept listing the dates meetings are held, the names of the individual attendees and a detailed description of the meeting signed by one or both of the Safety and Security Committee Co-Chairs or designee.  These records shall be maintained for a minimum of five years and these minutes shall be available and provided upon request.

Safety and Security Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities


  • Prepare agenda and program for next meeting
  • Arrange for meeting place, date and time
  • Notify members of meeting
  • Arrange all seating for members
  • Review previous minutes and material for meeting
  • Conduct meeting


  • Record minutes of meeting
  • Distribute minutes to committee members
  • Report status of recommendations
  • Assume chairpersons’ duties, if required


  • Report unsafe conditions, accidents, near misses and practices
  • Attend all safety and security meetings
  • Review employee injuries, accidents, illnesses, safety and security concerns
  • Contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement of safety and security
  • Promote workplace safety and security practices while on campus
  • Serve as a Health, Safety and Security Liaison (HSSL) for their respective departments

Safety and Security Committee Meeting Agenda Guidelines

  1. Call to order by chairperson.
  2. Roll call of members.
  3. Read/Review minutes of last meeting.
  4. Approval of last meeting minutes.
  5. Discussion of unfinished business:
    • Updates on matters held over from last meeting
  6. Discussion of new business:
    • Review incidents involving work related security incidents, safety accidents, injuries or near hits
    • Discuss employee safety and security concerns and investigate if appropriate
    • Make recommendations for safety and security improvements to the UNCSA Administration
  7. Announcement of next meeting date.
  8. Adjournment.