Meet Elizabeth White

My name is Elizabeth White and I am a Web Producer in Digital Media since the department’s creation in 2015. The previous year, I was a contract employee in Student Affairs working on prepping its content for the website transition and a member of the Web Committee. 

Elizabeth White

What you do at UNCSA?
A web producer ensures the website is easy to use, useful, engaging and accurate. I manage the content for My SA, which is the university’s intranet. The audiences for My SA are incoming and current students, faculty, staff and families. I also write stories about the people at the university that can be promoted on our social media channels to bring prospective students, donors and patrons to explore the website. Most of the Digital Media department is temporarily located in Ward Conference Room in the Administration Building.

Tell us about your family?
My husband and I met while working on a web application at a company in Greensboro. He’s still in Information Technology and I’m still making all-things-web useful and engaging. Our son Sam is a high school senior in the School of Music concentrating in classical guitar. He’s studied here all four years. We have dogs because cats make me sneeze.

What's a fun fact about you?
Before being employed by UNCSA I’ve worked in a variety of industries – nonprofit, corporate, manufacturing, governmental and newspaper – all having to do with websites and communication. One of my earliest stories as a features reporter in Virginia was about a hometown violin student attending UNCSA. (Director of Communications Marla Carpenter and I joke that she probably sent it to me.) The campus visit and tour left a lasting impression on me. This place is special.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I completely unplug and go offline when I’m on my time. I bike, kayak, swim, snow ski and run. But nothing makes me happier than backpacking on a trail without a GPS, map or phone - just a pine-needle path and my hammock.