Meet Judy Sivansay

My name is Judy Sivansay and I am the Executive Assistant at the School of Design and Production. I am fairly new to the department, but not new to the campus. I have been part of the Pickle pride for almost three years.

Judy Sivansay

I am a Californian at heart; however, I lived in Houston for six years where I worked for Texas Southern University and United Airlines. Four years ago, I decided to move and be closer to my family in Greensboro, North Carolina, where I worked as the Program Assistant at UNC Greensboro. I was granted the opportunity to transition to UNC School of the Arts in the Fall of 2016 and be the Administration Assistant for the Teaching and Learning Center.

I am not married nor do I have any children or pets, but I do have a sweet three-year-old nephew who takes up most of my leisure time.

I recently received my Bachelor of Health Science degree in Fall 2018 and I plan on continuing my education by working towards an MBA specializing in Healthcare Management.

My hobbies consist of outdoor activities, traveling, and spending time and eating good food with family and friends. I am very family oriented and enjoy catching up with those I love and care for.

January 17, 2019