Meet Ken Wilmot

I am Ken Wilmot and serve as the Director of Artistic Operations for the School of Music. I provide leadership in the artistic operations of the UNCSA School of Music including artistic scheduling, performance calendars, guest artist relations, and major ensemble operations.

Watching our student performances is always my proudest moment. Being involved in a major ensemble performance cycle with the students, planning and plotting from start to finish is very rewarding.  I am looking forward to the upcoming “UNCSA Symphony Orchestra: Brahms and Stravinsky” concert on Saturday, March 23.

Ken Wilmot

I received my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Music degrees in Trumpet Performance at UNCSA between the years 1985-1992 and have been part of the School of Music staff for nearly 13 years so I have over 30 years of institutional knowledge of UNCSA throughout its changing years. Once a pickle, always a pickle!

My favorite part of working with our students is being surrounded by their creative energy, and inspiring enthusiasm.  Some artists lose inspiration as they grow older but I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by it daily therefore keeping me young at he(art)!

During my time away from UNCSA, I enjoy spending time with my family, daily exercise, and performing in the trumpet section of the Winston-Salem Symphony.

March 17, 2019