Meet W. Lawrence Woolard

I am W. Lawrence Woolard and I am a Building Environmental Services Supervisor. I was promoted to supervisor after working several years as an environmental services technician in the School of Filmmaking complex. We created a welcoming environment for the students and faculty, and during student applicant interviews and the RiverRun International Film Festival.

W. Lawrence Woolard

I enjoyed working in the Film School. The kids are so smart and amazingly talented, determined and dedicated. Occasionally I’d run into them early in the morning after they’d been working late on films. I also enjoyed talking with the kids applying to the school and people going to RiverRun films. In the BB&T Lobby we always were laughing with the kids and faculty.

My proudest moment was when cinematography faculty John LeBlanc had returned from being out for a while. He said it was us always encouraging him that motivated him.

I’ve seen the role of housekeeping transition to an environmental specialist as, more often in the industry, we are the first to encounter and need to clean molds and mildews while working with a variety of chemicals. I’m used to working with chemicals as I have a degree in cosmetology and have cut hair since the ‘80s. I have a part-time job cutting hair at a salon on Cloverdale Avenue. I enjoy seeing people from the school come for a cut.

In my spare time, I’m working in a program to be healthier and fit. I like going to the mountains and I enjoy collecting watches. On my bucket list are trips to Hawaii and Jamaica.

February 03, 2020