Meet Mark Deal

I am Mark Deal and I am a Preventive Maintenance Mechanic 2 in the Mechanical Maintenance Department of the Facilities Management Division. I work on the school’s HVAC systems and equipment; conduct inspections of exhaust fans, water pumps and fire extinguishers; and coordinate with outside contractors. I’ve been employed at UNCSA for 22 years.

I like serving the students, faculty and staff by maintaining the equipment, extending the life of the equipment, ensuring there is heat and air conditioning, and that the air in the buildings is clean. There are a lot of talented people here and I feel my work is done for purpose.

Mark Deal

As most of the equipment is on the rooftops of the buildings, it can be a pretty hot work environment. If it is 95 degrees on the ground, it may be 110 degrees on a roof – especially if the roof has walls that trap the heat like the Film Administration and Sound Stages building. We’ll try to do the roof work in the morning, but if there is a problem at 3 p.m. in July, we’ll be up there too.

I have an associate degree in Criminal Justice form Ashworth College. (I can read people pretty well.) I have an HVAC diploma and earned a bachelor’s degree in management this May from Ashworth College.

Born in California, I was raised in Rural Hall, North Carolina and live in Clemmons. I enjoy spending time with my wife of 22 years. I like to go bass fishing and enjoy both the beach and the mountains. I’m a big Wake Forest and Washington Redskins fan. My wife and I enjoyed going to campus night at "The Nutcracker." Our big bucket list item is to go on a trip to Italy.

July 18, 2019