Meet Matt Jones

I am Matt Jones and I am the Associate Curator of the Moving Image Archives. I manage all the screenings, classes and events in our cinema spaces in the ACE Complex and Archives Building and sometimes off campus. I supervise the 5th largest film collection in the country. We do a lot of print rentals and other projects with archives and theatres around the world. To help with preserving the material, the film archives spaces are kept at a constant 60 degrees. It’s a cool job!

For the most part I work in spaces that are regular temperatures, but it is true that the archive spaces can chill you to the bone when you spend more than an hour in there.  Personally, I just run hot in general, so I’m pretty good in there most of the time, but it is funny to watch students who scoffed at the notion of bringing sweaters in the summer change their tune in a hurry after spending a single afternoon in the cold! We only have “cool” storage, but wish we could afford to keep it even colder than we do!

Matt Jones in the Film Archives room

My favorite part of working here is that everyone from students to faculty to staff is switched on. If you want to debate the mysteries of the universe or the politics of the day, there’s always somebody ready to throw down around here. Very little racing toward the middle, and that’s an exciting environment to be in day in and day out. I also love working with the students because it’s endlessly fun to watch small light bulbs go on as they learn things before your very eyes!

I attended UNC-Chapel Hill and studied Communications (Media Studies) and History (American & Ancient/Medieval).

I live a block away from Bibs Downtown, and I’m pretty much Norm from the TV show “Cheers” at that place, so it is my favorite local eatery. Their hush puppies are their own food group!  My favorite thing to do on my time off is to watch movies of course! After selling videos for most of my childhood, if you give me almost any title from the VHS era, I can tell you the color of the box, the font of the title, and probably what image is on the cover. It’s remarkably useless now, but impressive to a small but dedicated group of movie nerds. I’m also an avid music collector, and I enjoy spending time with my dog Artemis (Artie) that I just got in January!

July 26, 2019