Meet Patrick Donnelly

I am Patrick Donnelly. I am head of UNCSA's Library Film Collections and the Library liaison to the School of Filmmaking. I know it sounds corny, but I love interacting with students. It is a real privilege when they share their enthusiasm and energy, and we work together solving problems.

Patrick Donnelly

The demand for streaming is growing by leaps and bounds. But the copyright/fair use rights we traditionally enjoy via libraries are at the same time being restricted by a move to licensing by the entertainment industry. The world has moved from a lending model based on copyright and extensive fair use, into a netherworld of licensing and very limited use. We try to thread the needle and give as much access as we can while protecting artist’s rights in this new legal gray area. There is little doubt that streaming is the future, but the courts have yet to really weigh in on how to proceed in a Netflix dominated world. We will continue to expand services in new ways as the digital landscape shifts around us.

I work in the Library on the fourth floor. The best way to describe my job responsibilities is that I help people find things and keep people happy. I like to stream anything and everything! People have such interesting needs here at UNCSA.

Library's Streaming Services

When not at UNCSA I play the guitar terribly, walk my dogs and spend a lot of time trying not to drive my wife too crazy. I’d love to move to Spain and complete my monograph on the ternary theory of Rock, Paper, Scissors and its application to the economic, political and philosophic problems, which are currently served by a limited binary world view. And eating tapas.

I am happiest usually very late at night when I ponder what indignities and privations my ancestors must have suffered. I toast these people I don’t know and who have passed specific remembrance, huddled together against the night’s cold, and I realize how lucky I am. This and music and my wife make me happiest.

December 15, 2019