Reviewing & Documenting Qualifications

Certification of Credentials & Qualifications to Teach forms:

Teaching High School Level 

Teaching Undergraduate or Graduate Level

Documenting Academic Degrees
Academic degrees are documented by an official transcript (paper or electronic). An official transcript must be sent from the conferring institution directly to the Office of the Dean for dean review. The dean is responsible for confirming receipt of an official document and determining if the degree and/or coursework is acceptable for the courses to be taught. A second review will be performed by the Provost or Vice Provost when the official transcripts are forwarded to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

  • Paper Transcripts
    Official paper transcripts will be mailed in a sealed envelope with the Registrar’s signature stamped across the seal of the envelope. Usually, a document describing the security features, such as a raised seal or a watermark, will accompany the transcript or be noted on the transcript itself. Paper transcripts should be attached to the Certification of Credentials & Qualifications to Teach for Faculty Appointment form.

  • Electronic Transcripts
    When a conferring institution sends electronic transcripts, it will send an advisory email to the recipient with instructions to access and verify the electronic transcript. Verification is required to ensure that the transcript is official. The dean must provide documented evidence of verification of the transcript. For example, the verification confirmation page can be saved. Any concerns regarding acceptable evidence should be directed to the Office of Faculty Affairs.

    Electronic transcripts and evidence of verification should be uploaded to the school/division “Credential” folder on the internal network at \\superman\FASchools.

  • Unofficial Transcripts
    Candidates hired on the basis of submission of unofficial transcripts must submit official transcripts within 30 days of the date of hire. Failure to provide the University with official academic transcripts will result in termination of employment. It is the school’s/division’s responsibility to ensure official transcripts are submitted. Upon receipt of official transcripts, the school/division must submit an updated Certification of Credentials & Qualifications to Teach for Faculty Appointment form indicating receipt of official transcripts.

  • Foreign Degrees
    UNCSA may accept degrees from colleges and university located outside of the United States, upon review of official academic transcripts and credentials. If the highest earned degree is from a foreign university, a course-by-course foreign credential verification must be submitted. The candidate is responsible for obtaining the verification and submitting it to the Office of the Dean.

    The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( provides a list of credential evaluation services who may be contacted for assistance in evaluating foreign credentials.

 Revised February 3, 2017