Process & Deadlines



Responsible Party

By May 1

Non-binding Letter of Intent Due to Faculty Affairs

The Candidate submits the Letter of Intent for Rank Promotion to Faculty Affairs will send a copy of the Letter of Intent to the Faculty Rank Committee.

Upon receipt of the Letter of Intent, Faculty Affairs will initiate a rank promotion case in Interfolio RPT and send the Candidate an email with a link to his/her Rank Promotion case.



By Sept 1

Rank Promotion Packet Due to Faculty Affairs

The Candidate uploads their Rank Promotion Packet materials to Interfolio RPT.

Candidates should refer to Packet Requirements for Rank Promotion and the Packet Checklist for Rank Promotion for guidance on required materials.


By Sept 2

Office of the Dean Submits Peer Review Committee Roster

The Dean’s Office uploads the Peer Review Committee Roster for each candidate to Interfolio RPT.

Faculty Affairs will send the Interfolio RPT link and guidance materials to the Peer Review Committee upon receipt of the Peer Review Committee Roster.


Sept 2- Nov 22

External Reviewers Selected, Contacted, and Reviews Submitted

This is a suggested date range to complete the external review process.  The Dean’s Office is free to set its own deadlines to ensure the external review letters are submitted so that they are available for the Dean’s review prior to writing the evaluation and meeting with the Candidate.

At least one approved reviewer will be from the External Reviewer Nomination Form submitted by the Candidate. The second candidate will be selected jointly by the Dean and the Candidate, and may or may not be drawn from the submitted list.  It is the Dean’s discretion to select the final reviewer from the submitted list, or an external reviewer of his/her own choosing. 

Using the Request for External Review for Rank Promotion template, the Dean emails the approved External Reviewers asking if they will participate.  These emails should be sent from the dean’s UNCSA email address and should be retained until the evaluation process has concluded.

If the External Reviewer accepts the request, the Dean will send a formal request for external review using the Instructions for Confirmed External Reviewers for Rank Promotion template via Interfolio RPT.  The instructions include links to the External Reviewer Evaluation for Rank Promotion, Guidelines for Reviewers of Rank Promotion Applications and Definitions & Sample Criteria for ESP Rank Promotion.

The External Reviewer will be given access in Interfolio RPT to the following materials from the Candidate’s packet:

  • Application for Rank Promotion
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Engaged & Sustained Resume
  • CV
  • Student Course Evaluations
  • Syllabi
  • Annual Evaluations
  • Supplemental Support

 External Reviewers upload the External Reviewer Evaluation for Rank Promotion form to Interfolio RPT.

Reference External Review Guidelines for Candidates & Deans for Rank Promotion and External Reviews FAQ for details regarding policy and procedure

Candidate & Office of the Dean

By Oct 28

Peer Review Committee Evaluation Due

Peer Review Committee Chair uploads the Peer Review Committee Evaluation for Rank Promotion to Interfolio RPT and moves the case forward to the next review step.

Peer Review Committee Chair

 By Dec 13

Dean’s Evaluation & External Review Documents Due

The Office of the Dean uploads the following documents to Interfolio RPT and moves the case forward for Faculty Rank Committee review:

  1. Dean’s Evaluation for Rank Promotion
  2. Final List of External Reviewers for Rank Promotion
Office of the Dean

By Apr 1

Faculty Rank Committee Recommendation Due 

The Faculty Rank Committee uploads the Faculty Rank Committee Evaluation for Rank Promotion to Interfolio RPT and moves the case forward for Provost review.

Faculty Rank Committee

By Apr 30 - May 1

Provost Presentation of Rank Promotion Recommendations to Board of Trustees

Provost presents rank promotion recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees votes on rank promotion recommendations.


By May 1

Candidate Notified of Rank Promotion Decision

Faculty Affairs sends notification letter to Candidate with copy to Dean and Faculty Rank Committee.

Faculty Affairs