Employee Certification Program

Employee Certification Program

The Division of Finance and Administration is offering an Employee Certification Training. There are three different levels to the certification. Each level will help build skills and knowledge to advance employees to the next level. For each level completed, employees will receive a Certificate of Completion.

In order to receive credit for the training courses, employees must attend the training and score at least a 70 on the review for the course. Many courses offer a “test out” option. This option is available for staff members who have experience in the training topic and can successfully score a 100 on the review. Employees are only allowed to take the review once if attempting to test-out. If employees score less than the required score of 100, then the course will need to be completed in order to receive credit. These courses also count toward the Staff Council Professional Development Challenge when attended by staff members.

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Each class is limited to under 10 participants. Early registration is encouraged.

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If an employee wishes to register to test out of a course, email Jeanette Valentine with the course name. You will be schedule for a review time and the test.

Certification Course

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Level One Courses

Required Courses:
(ACCT-101) Introduction to Accounting
(ACCT-102) AP - Processes & Invoice Payment
(ACCT-103) Introduction to UNCSA Travel
(ACCT-104) General and Trust Funds
(BANR-101) Banner Self-Serve Navigation and Entry (BANNER 9)
(BDGT-101) Introduction to Budgets – Understanding Your Budget
(FNCE-101) Finance and Administration Orientation
(FNCE-102) Financial Services’ Policies
(FNCE-103) Year-End Processing
(PURC-101) Purchasing Processes I

Level Two Courses

Required Courses:
(BDGT-201) Banner Budget Revisions
(EXCL-201) 10 Tips and Tricks for Data Analysis
(PURC-201) Purchasing Processes II
(PURC-202) P-Card for Card Holders
(PURC-203) P-Card for Card Coordinators

Level Three Courses

Required Courses:
(ACCT-301) Journal Entries
(ACCT-302) Understanding Interdepartmental Transactions
(ACCT-303) Independent Contractor Procedures
(BDGT-301) Receipt Supported Budgets – Managing Receipt-Supported Budgets
(BDGT-302) General Funds Budgets – Managing Your State Budget
(BDGT-303) Banner Position Control
(BDGT-304) Funding Sources
(EXCL-301) Excel Pivot Table Bootcamp
(PURC-302) Fixed Asset / Equipment Tracking


Additional Course Offerings

There are additional courses offered, that are not required for certification. These courses are offered as a way of assisting specific departments and individuals with needed knowledge. Open Courses consist of the following:

  • (SACO-101) Departmental Receipting: Required for all departments handling money.
  • (SACO-201) Renewal of Departmental Receipting Privileges: Required annually for all departments handling money
  • (SACO-202) Pre-Paid Debit Cards: Required for all departments utilizing Pre-Paid Cards
  • (PCIC-101) PCI Data Security: Required for all departments accepting Credit / Debit Cards
  • (SUPR-101) New Supervisor Training
  • (PURC-304) Purchasing for Management / Supervisors

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