Policy for Faculty & Staff discounts for Community and Summer programs

This policy covers:

  • UNCSA faculty, spouses and children
  • UNCSA staff, (full-time permanent, adjunct faculty), spouses and children

This policy includes non-credit courses in the following programs:

  • Acting Out!
  • Preparatory Dance
  • Community Music School (CMS)
  • Summer Intensives
  • Adult Continuing Education

Discount terms:
Group classes (Acting Out!, Preparatory Dance, Musikgarten and other group music classes at CMS, Summer Intensives, Adult Continuing Eduction) For classes that have met their minimum enrollment with full-price students: 20% discount on instructional fees (excludes materials, campus fees).

Private lessons (CMS, Acting Out!): 20 % discount on semester fee. No discount on trail periods.


  1. Register online and pay required deposit for class.
  2. Email Community and Summer Programs staff (fogartys@uncsa.edu or watkinsss@uncsa.edu) to notify them that you are eligible for the discount. Include full name of the person enrolled an their relationship to the faculty or staff member.
  3. Community and Summer Program staff will give you the discount when the minimum enrollment for the class is met with full-price paying students.

Minimum enrollment requirement for discounts:

  • If the class does not reach its minium enrollment, the deposit will be refunded.
  • If minium enrollment includes the discount-eligible person, no discount will apply and the person will have the option of paying full-price.
    Example: For a class with a minimum enrollment of 10, if 10 people register and one is discount-eligible the discount will not apply. If 11 people register and one is discount-eligible, the discount will apply.
  • For classes where more than one discount-eligible person registers, the full-price minium will have to be met before any discounts are given.

Suzanna Watkins