Bi-Weekly Late Submissions Time Sheet Instructions

Hours worked must be submitted electronically by Web Time Entry on a bi-weekly schedule. All Bi-weekly Hourly employees must submit their time electronically to their Supervisor by noon on Monday after the Pay Cycle ends on Sunday. If deadlines are missed for an unusual circumstance, the employee will need to fill out the Bi-weekly Late Submission Time Sheet electronically, and then both the Supervisor and Employee need to sign the form.

Bi-weekly Late Submission Time Sheet

How to complete a bi-weekly late submission time sheet:

  1. To complete the Bi-weekly Late Submission Time Sheet, the following information must be entered on the form electronically: Employee Name, Banner ID, Department, Position #, Suffix (if applicable), Bi-Weekly Start and End Date, Date and Hours Worked.

    Note:  Hours worked will only accept hours to the nearest quarter.  Example: 3 hours and 15 minutes should be listed as 3.25. (Rounding ¼ hour = .25, ½ hour = .50 and ¾ hour =.75) Hours will automatically calculate overtime hours in excess of 40 hours each week.

  2.  The employee then should print the time sheet and sign and date. Then forward to their supervisor for approval.
  3. Employee’s supervisor should sign and date the time sheet and submit to the Payroll Office.

    IMPORTANT: Time Sheet MUST be signed by the Supervisor. Time sheets not signed will be returned to the Employee.

  4. Payroll Office will complete the Payroll Section (yellow highlighted area) and process for the next Bi-weekly payroll.