Dual Employment Policy and Procedures

Office of State Personnel Policy

The dual employment policy is a state-wide uniform policy to be followed when one state agency secures the services of an employee of another State agency on a part-time, consulting or contractual basis. For employees engaged on a full-time basis, any additional work for other than a State agency is termed secondary employment and is covered in the Secondary Employment Policy.  Form CP-30 should be used for reporting purposes involving dual employment. (State Personnel Manual 3.16)

The term "dual employment" refers to the situation in which a specifically identified State employee performs "part-time, consulting or contractual" services for a State agency other than his or her parent agency with the specific approval of both the borrowing and the parent agencies. The Dual Employment Policy applies to all full-time permanent State employees, both EPA and SPA, and to all State agencies. Any compensation to the employee must be paid by the parent agency. The borrowing agency is not authorized to make direct payment to full-time permanent employees of another State agency. Dual employment should be used for unique and one-time service requirements and not for continuing arrangements except where valid joint appointments are involved. In cases of Joint Appointment (involving base pay) the borrowing agency will reimburse the parent agency for matching social security and retirement contributions (State Personnel Manual 3.23)

The following are not considered State Agencies and their employees are exempt from the policy:

  • The Public School System
  • The Community College System
  • Employees of cities and counties

The Parent Agency is the State department, agency, or institution having control over the services of the employee, and from which the employee receives his or her regular pay check.

The Borrowing Agency is the State department, agency, or institution seeking on a temporary or part-time basis the services of an employee of another State agency. (State Personnel Manual 3.16)

Refer to the State Personnel Manual and UNCSA Policy Manual.

UNCSA Procedure as Borrowing Agency

After the terms of service has been confirmed and approved by the parent agency and rendered by the employee, the department then originates a Dual Employment Certification Form, CP-30 Section 1, indicating the date(s) of service, payment funding source, and the amount of pay plus social security. Once Section 1 of the CP-30 has been completed, the form is then submitted with a Direct Pay Request to the Accounts Payable office. The Direct Pay Request should include salary plus social security (benefits were applicable) as one line item with account code 718140 Employee on Loan Payments. The Direct Pay Request should also indicate under “Requested Check Distribution” the “UNCSA Budget Office” for final processing.

The UNCSA Budget Office will submit the CP-30 along with a check for the appropriate amount to the parent agency that in turn will pay the employee for the services rendered. The parent agency will complete Section 2 of the CP-30 and return a signed copy to the borrowing agency. Completed CP-30 forms are collected through the UNCSA Budget Office and kept on file.

CP-30 Dual Employment Form

Direct Pay Request Form

UNCSA Procedure as Parent Agency

The UNCSA Budget Office will receive a CP-30, along with payment, from the borrowing agency. Once the CP-30 has been reviewed and approved by the budget office it will be sent through campus mail (in triplicate) to the department in which the employee has performed services.

  • One copy will be returned to the borrowing agency,
  • One copy kept on file in the UNCSA Budget Office, and
  • One will be submitted to payroll for processing.

Each copy of the CP-30 should then obtain the appropriate signatures specified in Section 2 and returned to the UNCSA Budget Office. At that time the payment will be deposited within the department’s specified fund.

Terms for Reference:

Agency Code

16092 for State Appropriated Funds
06092 for Institutional Trust Funds and Kenan


Banner Fund and Account number


Contact the UNCSA Budget Office for further information regarding Dual Employment.