Professional Development Challenge

Professional Development Challenge


There are  many professional development opportunities happening throughout campus. The Staff Council is encouraging staff to take advantage of these opportunities and to participate in the Professional Development Challenge. The Challenge is for staff to attend a certain number of training sessions of their choice during the academic year. Those who have met the challenge will be invited to an end-of-year reception with the Provost Office and will be recognized for their professional growth and development.

I'm a staff person. How do I participate in the 2019-20 Challenge?

Staff members can attend the appropriate professional development opportunity on campus. Be sure to register or sign in when attending a training so you can get credit.

I'm leading a training. How do I get my training listed?

  1. Leaders of a professional development opportunity should submit a My SA announcement to advertise the training to the campus.
  2. Email Elizabeth White to request your training, webinar, session, etc. to be advertised on the Staff Council web page. You will be sent a sign-up sheet and any additional instructions for it to count.

Leaders of training also can participate in the Professional Development Challenge. You get one punch for each different type of training. You don't get multiple punches if you lead the same class multiple times.