Frequently Asked Questions


The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) are being regularly updated as the situation and statuses on this pandemic continue to change.

Updated: 1/21/2021

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Any hours worked would be entered as regular hours work.

This would need to be discussed with the supervisor, some employees may not need to report every day.

Yes, employees will continue to submit their leave reports either biweekly or monthly.

For the purposes of the COVID-19 event only, mandatory employees are employees (permanent or temporary) who are required to work on-site during a public health emergency because their positions have been designated by the institution as mandatory to operations during the emergency. Designated mandatory employees will be notified by their supervisors and informed if they are required to report for or remain at work in emergency situations. Additional employees may also be designated to work if needed due to the length of the emergency, illness of mandatory employees, or other needs.

Note: Due to the length and severity of this event, the definition of “mandatory employee” used in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak is different than what is typically used during an adverse weather event or other emergency.

Mandatory employees should have already been notified by their supervisor of this designation and the requirements that come along with it. Employees with questions should talk with their direct supervisor or the UNCSA HR office.