School of Music Orientation

The following information will help you plan and prepare for the start of the school year. Topics are by academic level (undergraduate, graduate and high school). Some topics apply to all music student no matter which academic level your are.

School of Music Orientation Schedules

Be sure to put these important dates in your calendar so you don't miss meetings, hearings or assessments.

Materials & Supplies

Music students are responsible for providing the necessary music materials and supplies for art-related study.

music materials & supplies list

Facilities & Equipment

General-use practice rooms are located on the first floor of Gray Building. By using their One Card, all Music students can access these practice rooms. Lockers and storage closets are also located on the first floor of Gray building and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

music facilities and equipment

Policies, Procedures, Forms

Note: Additional information will be added throughout the summer.

High School Music Handbook              College & Undergraduate Handbook

Undergraduate Transfer Students Only:
The following information is specific to undergraduate students transferring from another college or university. The School of Music accepts transfer credit for Music curriculum requirements from accredited undergraduate programs on a case-by-case basis. Only courses that have received a grade of “C” or better will be considered, and transfer credit may not account for more than 50 percent of the degree. Transfer credit for Music courses will be determined by the Associate Dean in the School of Music, be based upon evaluation of the student’s transcript and/or UNCSA School of Music placement assessments in consultation with the appropriate faculty, and be approved by the Dean of the School of Music. To receive consideration for transfer credit, a student must make a formal request in writing to the Associate Dean in the School of Music.