Welcome from Student Body President

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Welcome from Student Body President

Hassiem MuhammadTo the class of 2021,

Hi! My name is Hassiem Muhammad. I am a fourth year in the School of Drama. As your Student Body President, I would like to say welcome! I am sure you all know being accepted into our University is no small feat, so congratulations. Whether this is the school you always dreamed of attending, the one you auditioned for because of its high rankings or the school you fell in love with during your campus visit - you all accomplished something great and for that you should be proud.

I am sure that you have been contacted by your respective arts schools with a plethora of information to help you get acclimated to your new life as a student here at UNCSA. Having been in your shoes before, I would like to offer some advice. While the excitement during move-in day and the few weeks to follow is high, remember this you came here for a reason. In the whirlwind of newness don’t lose sight of your reason for being here.

These next four years will be so rewarding, and the road along the way may be tough. Whether its homesickness, sleepless nights or artistic criticism that is hard to swallow, know that we have all been there, and it will all be well worth it in the end. So again, remember why you came here, and make the right decisions that will bring you to be where you want to be.

In order to achieve your goals, you must apply discipline and consistency - and never confuse movement with progress. Because you can run in place and not get anywhere. 

 actor Denzel Washington

My favorite quote of Denzel Washington’s: “In order to achieve your goals, you must apply discipline and consistency - and never confuse movement with progress. Because you can run in place and not get anywhere.”

While we all have dreams and aspirations, those dreams remain just dreams if we do not take action to acquire them. So set goals, be disciplined and consistent in your pursuit of those goals. As artists we are often told that the future is “oh so uncertain” and “you can’t control what happens to you in the business.” I say let’s challenge that paradigm. Let’s make a plan for our future and go out and get what is ours!

In hopes that one thing will stick with you, I’ll leave you with a few more tidbits that could make a difference in this journey on which you have embarked:

  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • There will always be someone better than you, so make comparisons only against yourself.
  • Don’t burn bridges.
  • Take risks.
  • We can’t control how “talented” or “pretty” we are, but we do control how hard we work.
  • Have integrity.
  • Don’t be afraid to fall in love.
  • Collaborate outside of your arts discipline.

I am so excited to meet all of you madly talented artists and see what you have to offer the world! I am available 24/7 if you need me. Your voice matters, and I, as well as the rest of your student government team, are here to listen. These next four years are going to be some of the best of your life, so suit up. It’s pickle time!

With warm regards,
Hassiem Muhammad
Student Body President
Fourth Year College Student