Technology Refresh Program (TRP)

Technology Refresh Program (TRP)

Carefully managing the procurement of technology is critical to ensure we are maximizing volume purchasing power, negotiating the deepest discounts possible, and reducing ongoing support cost. This is enabled by carefully selecting, reviewing, and managing preferred vendors and life cycles for office phones, computers (desktops and laptops) and productivity software.


  • The TRP is funded bi-annually with surplus general operating funds (surplus funding is based on availability and priority is measured against other campus needs) in Fall and Spring.
  • Departments funded completely by Institutional Trust Funds (ITF) (ex. Residence Life, Fitness Center, etc.) don’t qualify for the TRP and must use their budget for technology equipment refreshes. Only equipment that meet the specifications of the Technology Life-Cycle Standard (TLCS) will be approved for purchase.
  • General Operation funded departments may elect to self-fund technology refreshes from their budgets if the equipment meets the specifications of the TLCS.
  • It is not recommended that Foundation funds be used to purchase technology equipment, if there is a reason to use these funds for refresh then the equipment must meet the specifications of the TLCS to be refreshed.
  • New Positions: The hiring department is responsible for funding the initial purchase of mandatory technology equipment (computer and office phone) for new positions. Thereafter it will fall under the TRP for refreshment.
  • New Employees: The hiring department is responsible for funding the purchase of new technology equipment for new employees if the previous employee’s equipment does not meet the needs of the new employee. When the department purchases new equipment for the new employee the old equipment should be returned to IT to reassign through the TRP.

 Refresh specifications:

  • IT Client Services will specify standardized options and choices (Refresh Specs) for faculty and staff. 
  • Variance from the Refresh Specs must be approved by department head and IT. Additional costs will be billed to the requesting department.
  • Equipment must be received by IT and assigned to an employee.
  • Only one computer per full-time faculty or staff will be refreshed. Any old system must be returned to IT for disposal.
  • Desktop systems will be encouraged for all personnel. If their job warrants frequent mobility then a laptop with docking station is recommended.
  • Tablets may be purchased with Department Head approval and funding but will not be refreshed with TRP funds.
  • Computers or accessories lost or stolen will be replaced by the department assigned the equipment.
  • Computers with abnormal wear and tear will not be refreshed or replaced with TRP funds.
  • Exceptions to the TRP require documented justification and approval from the Chief Technology Officer.

Technology Life-Cycle Standard (TLCS):

  • Computers aged over 4 years old are eligible for refresh. Laptops and desktops aged more than 7 years are not supported by Client Services and will be prohibited from accessing our network because of increased security risk.
  • Office phones aged over 5 years and not in working order.

UPDATED 8/31/2017