Reengineer business processes and leverage data to inform decision making

Reengineer business processes and leverage data to inform decision making

Review and update processes that begin or end with technology systems. Streamline workflows and consolidate software solutions required to facilitate these processes. Increase access to information needed to inform decisions for the university.

In Progress

Evaluate Office 365 vs Google Suite/Google Workspace
Project Lead: CIO

  • Determine which services will be available to campus.
  • Develop communication strategy and roll out plan.

Centralize space management and technology support
Project Lead: CIO

  • Collaborate with Institutional Research, Campus Performance Facilities, Library, Facilities and others to streamline process for reserving conference rooms and required technology.
  • Review collaboration technology such as Google Jam Board and update conference spaces with recommended solution.


Update PDF forms to online forms
Project Lead: IT Systems Analyst Dave LaVack

  • Review needs and migrate applicable forms to online instead of PDF format.
  • Planning and implementation of workflow for financial processes.
  • Support increasing need for accurate and easy-to-use data by monitoring trends and updating systems and integrations.
  • Support UNC Systems Office’s data modernization strategy to achieve actionable insights. 
    Use predictive analytics to target admissions recruitment efforts by providing thresholds for level of interest based on prospective student online engagement.


Establish workflow management system to process service requests and project timelines for the Technology division
Project Lead: CIO

  • Atlassian suite was identified by task force and is in progress for implementation. 
  • Provide training to employees to increase use, required documentation and efficiency.

Parking management system for Campus Police
Project Lead: IT Web Developer

Develop database for efficient processing of back office operations.

Provide reporting and insights on web content, marketing and communication efforts
Project Lead: IT Systems Analyst - Dave LaVack

  • Utilize Google Analytics to show outcomes and justify ROI of content, marketing and communications efforts and use that data to drive future investment of resources.  
  • Deliver and highlight key insights in monthly reports to senior leadership and deans.

Deploy tools for data analysis
Project Lead: Director of Information Systems

  • Upgrade from Web Focus to Evisions Argos (or similar product) to deliver insights needed to make timely, better-informed decisions with flexible, easy-to-use reporting tools.
  • Provide appropriate training and consulting for stakeholders to extract useful information.