Keeping UNCSA's digital presence fresh, engaging

I am pleased to share the newest version of our website,, which we just pushed into production.
Over the past few months, Strategic Communications and Information Technology have partnered again with mStoner to design and implement this updated version of
It’s been nearly four years since our massive website relaunch in 2015. At that time, UNCSA’s website hadn’t been updated for more than a decade. With a new website, we made a commitment that our digital presence would continue to evolve and stay current with industry and higher education shifts. Our newest version does just that.

UNCSA web redesign
While the content is largely the same, our homepage, navigation and footer have been updated to be more mobile friendly, attractive to prospective students and aligned with website best practices.
All the previous navigational buttons are under what is known in the business as a hamburger menu. This is the common way to navigate on mobile devices and is increasingly becoming more common on desktop sites as well.
Last month, mobile users of surpassed desktop users. This has been a consistent trend for most of 2019 and also continually shifting in industry. This design evolution moves our site one step closer to being a better and consistent mobile experience for that growing audience.  
Planning for this relaunch included a focus on UX, or the user experience. We tested our site’s usability with diverse focus groups and learned a great deal about user preferences and expectations. These lessons shaped the design that is now the new homepage.
For example, it is now easier for our campus community and patrons to find our dynamic offering of student and professional performances. The link is now at the top of every page as part of the navigation.
In order to serve recruitment efforts and the prospective student experience, we’ve added an additional link to explore opportunities to visit campus and a “Find your program” wizard that includes all levels of study, as well as summer and community programs, to make our comprehensive student offerings much easier to find.
The people of UNCSA comprise our most interesting features. Our homepage now prominently shows a mix of alumni, student, faculty and staff community stories, news and features, and highlights of the incredible accomplishments of our institution.
One important change that you will notice is the addition of our new institutional tagline, “Powering Creativity.” The tagline will be rolled out in phases over the next few months, because it is also the tagline for our comprehensive campaign, “Powering Creativity: The Campaign for UNCSA,” which will enter its public phase this September. The tagline summarizes the belief that our gifts, passions, visions and concepts are powering the creativity that will shape the future of the arts.
Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a page that isn’t completely updated. As with any launch, a little turbulence should be expected. If you find anything awry, just use the web update form to report it.
I know change isn’t easy, but I hope you’ll enjoy the new site. I’m exceptionally proud of all the hard work of the staff in Strategic Communications and Information Technology that got us where we are today. Please take a little time to explore the updates that we are so very eager to share with you.

Claire Machamer
Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications

Aug. 27, 2019