Headshot Guidelines

Headshot Guidelines

Headshots are offered to all UNCSA faculty members and to staff, administrators and board members as necessary, for the purpose of maintaining consistent image assets across the UNCSA website. Headshots are managed by Strategic Communications, and questions should be directed to Melissa Upton.


Headshots are scheduled by Strategic Communications two times per year—in August and in late January or early February. Each individual session lasts approximately 15 minutes. Strategic Communications maintains an ongoing list of those on campus who need headshots and will contact individuals to secure a time slot a few weeks in advance. Please contact Melissa Upton if you’d like to be scheduled for the next shoot.


Departments are charged $50 for reshoot sessions. Faculty/staff should have payment approved by their department before signing up for a reshoot.


You will receive 1-3 edited headshots to review. No additional selections will be offered. You will receive a digital copy of your preferred headshot to use professionally. If approved by your department, a reshoot may be available.

Editing & Consistency

Our goal is to portray authentic images of UNCSA faculty and staff. Images are lightly edited by the photographer and additional edits are not allowed.

To maintain consistency, headshots taken elsewhere and submitted for use on the UNCSA website are not accepted. Any exception requires approval from the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications.

What to wear

Headshots are horizontal and only show the upper-half of your body. Please wear softer colors and avoid loud prints. If you are a musician, bring your instrument if you can. A hair and makeup artist is normally available for all headshots.