Coffee Talk Webcast

Coffee Talk Webcast

The Parent Support Organization (PSO) sponsors a series of "Coffee Talks" for parents of high school students. Parents are invited to attend remotely through a YouTube live stream link. Links to the live stream are provided the day prior to each coffee talk. PSO President Shona Simpson, Associate Dean Brock Snyder, and Dean Martin Ferrell will attend all of the talks. Each talk will also include special guests appropriate to the focus of the particular talk. 

2021 Spring Coffee Talks

Watch the Coffee Talk and tell us what you think of this forum by emailing High School Academics Inbox or posting on the PSO Facebook group.

The focus of the spring talks will be on COVID-19 protocol for return to campus for the spring, anticipating graduation and the specific preparation each group of artists will require as they look to life beyond high school at UNCSA. Recorded videos are hosted on YouTube.

Upcoming Scheduled Coffee Talks

  • Drama: Thursday Feb. 25 from 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Recorded Coffee Talks

  • Welcome Back (01:43:16) Thursday, Jan. 21  with High School Dean Martin Ferrell, Associate Dean Brock Snyder, Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Tracey Ford, Case Manager and Interim Director of High School Life Laurel Donley.
  • Dance Focus (00:57:52) Wednesday, Feb. 10 with Associate Dean Brenda Daniels; Interim Dean of the School of Dance Jared Reddick, Corey McClain, Dance office manager; High School Dean Martin Ferrell, and Associate Dean Brock Snyder
  • Music Focus (00:38:42) Friday, Feb. 12 with Associate Dean David Winkelman, Interim Dean of the School of Music Saxton Rose, High School Dean Martin Ferrell, Associate Dean Brock Snyder and Guidance Counselor Mackenzie Wilkins.
  • Visual Arts Focus (00:43:58) Wednesday, Feb. 17 with Director of Visual Arts Department Will Taylor, High School Dean Martin Ferrell and Associate Dean Brock Snyder.

2020 fall semester recorded Coffee Talks: