Information for Faculty

Information for Faculty

Your best shot at stopping COVID- 19 is to get vaccinated. A free COVID vaccine is available for you. You have a spot, take your shot.

Vaccine Information and locations

Important Dates

Teaching Resources

The Teaching and Learning Center offers faculty support for instructional development and instructional technology resources.

Health and Safety

As part of the UNCSA community, review and familiarize yourself with our Community Health Standards. The revised standards are in place June 1-July 31, 2021.  You do not need to be tested to return to campus.

Accommodating those with health issues

Faculty requesting a health accommodation should contact Human Resources regarding their return to work. Each request will be reviewed by HR and the Office of the Provost on a case-by-case basis, as governed by applicable laws and policy.

COVID-19 Response Plan for Employees

The COVID-19 Response Plan for Employees (enter your UNCSA credentials to access PDF) explains how UNCSA will respond when an employee exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 in the workplace, at home, and or tests positive/negative for COVID-19. The goal of this plan is to help protect the health and safety of the employee and everyone else in the workplace. Effective execution of the plan requires collaboration, compassion, and attention to detail by employees, supervisors/managers, Human Resources, Facilities, Emergency Operations, and University leadership. If you have any questions or concerns about this plan, please contact Human Resources.

The State Health Plan is waiving the cost of
  • the copay for in-person and virtual PCP visits to screen for COVID-19,
  • COVID-19 test until CARES Act Requirements expires, and
  • treatment for members with COVID-19

CVS Pharmacy is offering drive-through COVID-19 testing at select CVS Pharmacy locations in N.C. You must register in advance to schedule an appointment. This test is also at no cost to State Health Plan members. Details of State Health Plan changes are on the State Health Plan Coronavirus Updates website.