COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

UNCSA tracks positive cases through on-campus testing and surveillance programs, student self-reported data and faculty or staff self-reported data, while working with county and state health officials. The UNCSA COVID-19 Dashboard reports case counts on students, faculty and staff whether they have been on campus in the past 14 days or not.

COVID-19 Testing

UNCSA is testing students for COVID-19, in partnership with Wake Forest Baptist Health. Students who refuse to take a COVID-19 test at the request of health services will face disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.


  • Tests are no cost to students, when ordered by a Student Health Services medical provider.
  • Faculty and staff need to contact their medical provider for testing. The State Health Plan is waiving cost of copay for in-person and virtual visits to COVID-19 screening, COVID-19 test until CARES Act Requirements expires, and
    treatment for members with COVID-19.

Surveillance Testing Program

COVID-19 surveillance testing program at UNCSA is an additional way to help keep our campus safe. Surveillance testing allows us to see if there are areas where COVID-19 is popping up, and therefore, whether and where further testing is needed. All testing is optional; no one is required to participate, but participation is strongly encouraged.

When and where is testing?

Testing will occur every two weeks throughout the fall semester. Anyone selected for testing will receive an email with further instructions and an appointment time.

Who is conducting the testing?

Our testing program is being conducted in conjunction with the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), which has contracted with Starmount Healthcare Management (StarMed) to administer the tests. About every two weeks, StarMed will administer approximately 150 tests to a randomly selected testing group from our community, both on- and off-campus.

Will I be charged for the test?

Testing will be conducted at no cost to individuals or the university. StarMed will bill the student’s insurance for the visit with the medical provider and the COVID-19 test; however, students will not be billed for any costs not covered by insurance. For students who do not have insurance, StarMed will bill the federal CARES Act.

How is the testing group selected?

For the first test, 15% of high school and college students were selected using a randomly generated lottery method within representative cohorts. Students randomly selected for the surveillance testing will have the choice to opt-out. Consent from a parent or guardian is required for high school students to participate in the testing. We strongly encourage students to participate in our surveillance testing program to ensure the entire campus’ safety.
Faculty and staff may be included in testing at a later date.

Parental Consent Form for testing minors (PDF)

How will testing work?

About 35 students per hour will be tested. Students will be prescreened by a medical provider before testing. The test will be collected via a nasal swab (officially known as a Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR Nasopharyngeal Swab). Any personal information collected for the test will remain confidential and not used for any other purpose.

How will I receive my results?

Lab results are generally available within 72 hours from the testing date. Students will receive a text message and email with a link to access test results via a secure patient portal.

What happens if I test positive?

You will follow UNCSA's positive case protocol.

Contract tracing

Contact tracing will be conducted by the Forsyth County Health Department with assistance from UNCSA. Forsyth County has hired and trained additional contact tracers to respond to the pandemic. UNCSA continues to be in direct contact with Forsyth County health officials and will work with them closely to implement contact tracing on campus.